BGMI eSports Tournament Registration, How to do? | Complete Schedule

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At this time, great news has come for those who play and watch Battlegrounds Mobile India games. There is going to be another eSports tournament in which the company has kept a huge price pool of ₹1 crore. Where the team winning this tournament will be given a big reward of up to ₹50 lakh. Let’s just talk about this tournament. How can you register in it? For more information related to this, please read it completely.

BGMI eSports Tournament Registration, How to do? | Complete Schedule

Battlegrounds Mobile India : Will get reward of 6 lakhs in the Launch Party Tournament

The game has gained a lot of popularity just a few days after the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India. The same company is also going to organize BGMI eSports Tournament. For which a huge prize pool of ₹1 crore has been kept. The aim of the company is to take this game to the biggest platform in the country. Also Read More : How to Viral YouTube Shorts Video (2021) : New YouTube Views Tricks

Battlegrounds Mobile India eSports Tournament Registration…

The registration of BGMI eSports Tournament is going to start from 19th July and this tournament will run for 3 months with 5 stages in total.

  • First Stage: – This stage will run from 2 to 8 August in which the game qualifier will start in which 1024 teams will qualify.
  • Second Stage :- Its second stage will start from 17th August and will run till 12th September which will be an online qualifier. Altogether 64 teams will qualify in this.
  • Third Stage: – This will be the quarter final which will run from 16 September to 26 September. In which a total of 24 teams will be able to qualify.
  • Fourth Stage: – There will be a semi-final in this stage which will run from 30 September to 2 October. Where a total of 16 teams will be able to qualify.
  • Fifth Stage: – In its last stage, there will be a final match which will run from October 7 to October 10. Where we will know the winner.

According to Krafton, any person who is a resident of India and has a platinum account holder can register here.

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Who will get how much prize in the tournament?

As per the announcement, the team winning this tournament will be given a reward of up to Rs 50 lakh. You can only see below about how much price will be given to the team coming at number. bgmi latest update Also Read More : PUBG : New State new teaser release, iOS users big update, Release Date?

  • MVP – ₹1,00,000,
  • THE LONE RANGER – 50,000,
  • THE RAMPAGE FREAK – 50,000,
  • THE REDEEMER – 50,000

Apart from this, there will also be significant rewards for Rampage Peak, Mode Finished by Scott, Lone Ranger, MVP and Redeemer. bgmi latest update

Battlegrounds Mobile India Tournament Rules & Registration…

Some big rules have also been issued regarding this tournament. If you also want to showcase your talent in this, then it will be very important to know this rule. bgmi latest update

  • Players registered in this tournament will have to play 15 matches with their teammates at a fixed time.
  • After this, out of 15 matches, the top 10 will be further selected on the basis of their message and score.
  • On the other hand, if the scores of two teams are found to be equal, then their survival time, accuracy and finish etc. will be seen.

Players will be able to register in it easily. As soon as the registration starts in it from July 19, after that the link will be provided to the players. To get the latest information related to gaming, keep visiting our website continuously. Here the latest information related to games, sports, tech gadgets and reviews is provided first.  Read More : If you want to more study related topic , please click here for more latest updates.

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