Facebook 533 Million Users Data Leak Phone Details

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If you also use Facebook, then be careful because now your data can also be leaked. Today, here we are going to tell you about the latest update on Facebook, which you will definitely feel the danger of your privacy on Facebook. So what is the latest update of Facebook, definitely read it to know.

Facebook 533 Million Users Data Leak Phone Details, Personal Information

Facebook is such a social media platform where a lot of people from all over the world come and join. There is also personal data of people who come here, which is considered secure on Facebook. But what if your same data gets leaked. Read More : Novak Djokovic becomes champion : Australian Open 2021

Yes, the data of about 533 million Facebook users has been leaked recently, in which their personal details and phone numbers have been seen online. These leaked accounts have 6 million users from India whose data has been leaked. facebook data leat news

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Apart from this, data leaks of 32 million US and 11 million UK users have been revealed. With more information, let us know that the data of more than 533 million Facebook accounts from 106 countries has been posted online. According to the media report, the data leaked includes personal data such as phone number, date of birth, full name, location, Facebook ID and email.

Facebook 533 Million Users Data Leak

However, so far no official statement has been issued by Facebook about whether the data of so many accounts has actually been leaked. The data being shown may be a bit outdated. But the mobile number or email ID users used in preparing the account change less.

Although data leaking on Facebook is not a new thing, even before this, many questions have been raised about privacy on Facebook. Many times questions have arisen over Facebook itself that Facebook is selling data of users (according to media). facebook data leat news

Now more information about this will be available in the official statement from Facebook. So how secure are you on Facebook and how secure is your data here. So much on this post right now … Just like we will get some accurate information, we will provide it by now.

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