How to use Govt “Mera Ration” mobile app features

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Hi Reader, Will talk here today about the “My Ration” mobile app …A mobile app called Mera Ration has been launched for the Indian people by the government, which will be very important to know about. mera ration app benefits

What is the meaning of this new mobile application … how will we be able to use it … This is what you will get to know here today. Read it completely for more information.

How to use Govt “Mera Ration” mobile app : Features and Benefits

To improve the ration system in India, a mobile application called “Mera Ration” has been launched by the Government of India. This new application will be implemented according to the “One Nation – One Ration” card system. This application has been launched on the Android platform, which will greatly help the ration card holders. mera ration app features

What is One Nation One Ration Card?…

There are about 69 crore beneficiaries of the National Food Security Act across the country. The government provides highly subsidized food grains at a cost of Rs 1-3 per kg through the public distribution system. Read More – PUBG Mobile : New State Trailer Launch and Update

Recently, One Nation One Ration Card facility has been implemented by the government in which the ration card holder will be able to get ration facility by staying in any city of the country. That is, only one ration card will be able to get ration from anywhere in the country. one nation one ration sceme

Earlier the ration card holder could get his ration only from a certain place. But many people leave their hometown and go to some other place in search of employment, due to which the One Nation One Ration Card facility has been implemented. How to use Govt “Mera Ration” mobile app

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How will the “My Ration” mobile app work?…

The new Mera Ration mobile app has been launched to benefit the people of the country from the facilities of rationing. Through this the beneficiaries will be fully able to identify the nearest fair price shop and check the transaction details of their ration. This app developed by NIC is available in English and Hindi language right now. Soon, it can also be availed in 14 different languages.

To use this app properly, you have to follow the instructions given below…

  • First of all, go to the Google Play store and download the “My Ration” mobile app.
  • After this, by opening this mobile application, you have to register your ration card.
  • Now this, just click on the registration option in the register and enter your ration card number.
  • After this, after entering the ration card number, click on the submit button, after this you will be able to see all the information related to your ration card here.

In this, for more information about your ration card, you will also have to enter your ration card number or Aadhaar card number. Through this application, the ration card holders will be able to get a lot of help. Where people will be able to directly take advantage of all the benefits of ration and information.

For more information related to government schemes, he continued to visit here. Because we keep bringing such updates for you from time to time. one nation one ration sceme

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