How to Viral YouTube Shorts Video (2021) : New YouTube Views Tricks

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Hello friends, today is going to talk about the short feature of YouTube, how YouTube shorts video goes viral? Complete information about this is being provided to you here today. What are the new tricks of YT Shorts that can get quite good views here. For more information related to this, please read it completely.

How to Viral YouTube Shorts Video (2021) : New YouTube Views Tricks

How to Download MOJ Videos : Indian Short Video App
How to Download MOJ Videos : Indian Short Video App

Recently, in many countries Tik Tok, which was a short video platform, was discontinued. So, YouTube took full advantage of this and launched a new feature on its own platform called “YouTube Shorts”. If you do not know about YouTube Shorts, then let’s talk about it first.

What is YouTube Shorts and how does it work?

Actually, YouTube shorts are a feature of YouTube designed for short videos. Like if you know about Tick Talk where users used to create and upload videos of 15, 30 or 60 Seconds. Although the creators were quite upset after the banning of Tik tok, YouTube launched a feature on its platform. Through which creators can create a 15 or 30 second video and upload it.

If you cannot see the short feature on YouTube, then some steps are being told to you below, follow them… youtube short video viral kese kare

  • first open your YouTube app.
  • After this, “Short” will appear written on the screen at the bottom or click on the icon of “+”, there will be written “Short Video”.
  • by clicking on it, record your short video and publish it.

Apart from this, you can also upload any of your recorded short videos here. youtube short video viral kese kare Also read – WhatsApp Mute Video Feature Available : How to use it 

How to upload YouTube Shorts video?

Uploading YouTube short video is quite easy if you do not know how to upload this video, then below are some steps provided which you will be able to upload your YouTube short video in the right way by following it. youtube short viral formula

  • First open your YouTube app.
  • Now the shorts is written on the screen below, click on it.
  • Then record your video or upload the previously recorded video.
  • Then click on the “Next” option.
  • Now fill the title and description according to your video.
  • Upload a thumbnail related to your video.
  • Upload the title and description of the YouTube short video by writing “#Shorts”.

If you follow these steps and upload the video, then your video will be uploaded perfectly. youtube short viral formula Also Read More : Battlegrounds Mobile India Release Date Confirm? PUBG Mobile India latest update

How to make YouTube Shorts Video Viral?

Watch YouTube short videos are very easy to go viral and also very difficult. There is no short method to make it viral. For this, when your video comes in YouTube shorts algorithm then your video becomes increasingly viral. If you upload 2-4 short videos to your YouTube channel and think that just your videos go viral, then this does not happen. Here only you have to focus on your content and continuously create the video.

However the algorithm of YouTube short has to be understood. For which you “SEO” your short video. Where short video titles can use many types of keywords in the description. If your content is unique and interesting, after which the keywords are used properly in the title description, then the chances of the video becoming viral are increased.

So all you have to do is focus on content and SEO. Your video will definitely go viral and will get more views. Hope you understand the information well. To get such information first, we constantly visited our website Here correct and accurate updates are provided first. How to Viral YouTube Shorts Video (2021) Read More : If you want to more study related topic , please click here for more latest updates.

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