If you are unable to watch IPL 2021 due to slow internet in the Phone, then follow these methods

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Hi Reader, If you are also struggling with slow internet speed in your mobile phone, then here are some ways that you will be able to increase your internet speed to a great extent. Telecom companies are constantly trying to provide better facilities to users.

But despite having a full signal, the internet is not running properly in your smartphone. During the live match in IPL 2021, you are also having internet problems, so here are some ways. For more information, read the entire course.

If you are unable to watch IPL 2021 due to slow internet in the Phone, then follow these methods

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PUBG New State Crosses 10 Million Pre-Registration

unable to watch IPL 2021 due to slow internet

If you are also facing slow internet problem, there is a problem like buffering during IPL live streaming. You will know that at this time IPL 2021 has started and people are watching online sitting at home. Because of this, due to the internet slow down of many users’ phones, they are not able to see the matches correctly. Despite having a 4G network, it is facing problems like buffering and slow browsing during live matches.

So, here we are going to tell you a few ways through which you will be able to increase the speed of your mobile phone’s Internet to a great extent. Any change in the settings mentioned here will not cause any harm to your data. Read more – How to change language on Instagram and Facebook

How to increase internet speed of mobile phone?

To increase the speed of your phone, below are some ways which should be followed step by step.

— First Way: – You must also check the network settings of your phone before you can run internet in a mobile phone. First of all you have to go to the network settings of the phone. Where you have to write 4G / LTE and you will have to check the APN after reaching the network settings. The point to note here is that the default setting sent by your telecom operator in the access point should be enabled.

— Second way: – If you use prepaid plan of internet, then many companies offer daily data. Sometimes the daily data gets exhausted, after which the internet speed starts in your phone. So you also have to keep in mind that how much data you get daily and how much data you have remaining. Because even if your data will be low or lost, you will still have to face slow internet speed.

— Third way: – If the network connectivity in your phone or the internet has become very slow, then first of all restart your phone. After this, when your phone starts again, a search is done by the mobile network, due to which you get a fresh connectivity and your internet speed increases significantly.

— Fourth way: – Whenever you feel that your mobile phone network is very slow. In such a situation, you can turn on Airplane mode in your phone and then turn it off. With this, your mobile will be searched by the network and the speed of your internet can increase to a great extent.

Apart from this, you have to keep the auto download feature disabled in your smartphone, many times users accidentally enable it and many applications keep running in the background. Because of which your internet becomes very slow.

If even after following these methods, your internet is not running properly, then contact your telecom operator once and complain about it. To get such information first of all, do visit here continuously. ipl 2021 live

We bring such information for you from time to time. unable to watch IPL 2021 due to slow internet

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