IPL 2021 Suspended : Players will get full money even after?

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After the closure of IPL 2021, foreign players are returning to their country. If the IPL has been suspended due to COVID, then the players will be given 483 crore rupees. The entire information about this will be made available here today, which has come out after the latest update. For complete information related to IPL 2021, please read it completely. ipl suspended reason

IPL 2021 Suspended : Players will get full money even after?

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IPL 2021 Suspended : Players will get full money even after

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As you may know, IPL 2021 has been suspended due to Corona. It is possible that the rest of its matches are held within the next few months. In such a situation, when the IPL is suspended, then the players will be given money. Yes, according to the BCCI, the players will get full money, but due to the IPL suspension, the BCCI has lost about 2500 crore rupees. Apart from this, you also have to know that in this season, tell the players and salary was to get 483 crores rupees. ipl upcoming match kab

According to a report, if the players get hurt or do not play the game due to any other reason, then they are given full salary. This salary is given to the players in three parts. As per the rules, the first part has already been given to the players and the remaining two parts are given after the tournament is over. What will happen to the remaining matches in this season of IPL 2021? Let us tell you that in this season of IPL, a total of 60 matches were played, out of which 29 matches were played. ipl upcoming match kab

That is, 31 matches are yet to be held. Given the possibility of a third wave of corona in the country, it is very difficult to complete this tournament fully. However, no response from BCCI has come to this notice yet. The BCCI has only said that given the circumstances, the remaining matches of the IPL will be completed and the tournament will be completed. ipl 2021 remaining match  Also Read More : The Great Khali will be introduced into WWE Hall of Fame 2021

Now, BCCI Lost Rs 2500 crore …

The BCCI is estimated to have incurred losses of up to Rs 2500 crore due to the postponement of the IPL. This means that due to postponement of the tournament, the BCCI has suffered a major setback. However, BCCI will not cut any players salary. This time, the TRP of this season of IPL has also seen a significant decline. At the same time, BCCI spent a lot of money on advertising. So given all these, BCCI is likely to suffer a huge loss. ipl 2021 remaining match

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