PUBG Lite Services Shutting Down on 29 April 2021

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So the service of Final PUBG Mobile Lite is going to stop now. According to Krafton’s announcement, on April 30, 2021, 10:30 AM PUBG Lite will stop working. After all, why is the Pubg Lite being switched off, what is the big reason behind it? For complete information related to Pubg Lite, definitely read it.

PUBG Lite Services Shutting Down on 29 April 2021 : Full Details

Ultimately, as per Krafton’s announcement, PUBG Mobile Lite is being discontinued completely. A notice of this has also been issued on the official website of Pubg Lite. In this notice, it is being said that on April 29, its service is being discontinued. However, earlier on March 30, the company had completely stopped its new downloads. After which there were no new downloads. According to the company’s announcement, now its service is being stopped and on May 30, the company will also stop supporting players completely.  Also Read More : What is Apex Legends Mobile Game? First Look and Release Date

At the same time, the company has announced in the latest that at 10:30 am on 30 April 2021, PUBG Mobile Lite will stop working completely. After which no player will be able to go to matches nor will any money be spent in this game. After the launch of Pubg Mobile Game, a smaller version of PUBG Mobile Lite was launched. Which was launched in India in July of 2019.

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PUBG Lite Services Shutting Down : Here’s Reason

Although the game was completely free, after logging in, the players bought a variety of items in it. However, the company also phased out the top-up system in December 2020. After this, PUBG Mobile Light and Pubg were completely banned in India. After this, the company has now decided to discontinue the service of PUBG Mobile Light completely. However, the company has not yet shared any exact reason for discontinuing its service. Read More : Novak Djokovic becomes champion : Australian Open 2021

The company also thanked the people for supporting the game, thanking them. The company’s notice was displayed last month on the official website of PUBG Light. It remains to be seen whether the company ultimately states the exact reason for its closure. The same whether any new version of Publish Lite can be launched. All this will be known only in the coming time. For such important information related to gaming, keep visiting here continuously.

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