PUBG Mobile : New State Trailer Launch and Update

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Hi Reader, The last year has been a big special for the game where PUBG Mobile games were completely banned in India. Once again, PUBG has decided to launch this game in a new stage.

So here today you will get complete information about PUBG Mobile New State, which are coming out with the latest updates. For the latest updates related to sports, do read it completely … Let’s Start …

PUBG Mobile : New State Trailer Launch and Update

For the enthusiasts of the game, Pubg has made another big comeback. Actually, PUBG has decided to launch another new PUBG game which will be launched within the coming few days. This new PUBG mobile game is named “PUBG: New State”. pubg 2 trailer

According to the information given by the company, this game has been made 2 times better than PUBG Mobile. Where new features will be seen in it. More recently, Crofton has launched the title and a trailer for this upcoming Battle Royal Publish mobile. Summoners War : Lost Centuria next Strategy Game

PUBG Mobile : New State Gameplay

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After seeing this, it seems that this is going to be a very good Battle Royal game. However, the game has been developed at a future level that incorporates future weapons, drones. pubg 2 trailer

Many new maps and houses will be seen in it. Other things will be seen in it like Pubg Mobile. Its control has also been smoothed, in which some new customization options can also be seen. It will be a 100-player game, in which everyone will fight for victory.

PUBG and Krafton together have created this game in which its policy has also been launched. There is still doubt about whether the game will be launched in India or not.

However, this can be negotiated between PUBG Corporation and the Government of India. new pubg mobile in india

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