The new name of PUBG Mobile India has surfaced leak

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If you too are eagerly waiting for PUBG Mobile India, then another big news has arrived at this time. The new name of PUBG Mobile India has been leaked. According to which, soon PUBG Mobile India can be seen in India. So what is the latest news related to this game, definitely read it.

The new name of PUBG Mobile India has surfaced leak : Battleground Mobile India

PUBG Mobile India deleted video – Release Trailer on YouTube

Actually, the trailer of this was recently released on the official YouTube channel of PUBG Mobile India. However, it was also deleted shortly afterwards. At the same time, there has been a link in which a new poster of Pubg Mobile in India has appeared. New posters have been shown in this poster and a new name of PUBG Mobile India has also been revealed.  Read more : IPL 2021 Start Now : How to Watch Live Match for Free

Once again, there is great news for the players who are waiting for PUBG Mobile India. According to a recent leak, the name of this game is not now PUBG Mobile India but now did Battlegrounds Mobile India. pubg in india unban

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Apart from this, a poster has also been revealed in which Miramar Main has also been seen. In this game, like PUBG Mobile, players will get a very good experience. With more information on this, let us tell you that according to a leak Gemwire has revealed a poster. pubg in india unban

In this, the domain of the pub Ji Mobile India website is now being changed to According to the information, Krafton registered this domain on April 7 last month. Also Read More : PUBG Mobile India Release Date Leaked today?

How will Battlegrounds Mobile India be?

Battleground Mobile India | Source : GemWire

Pabji Mobile India, which is going to be launched in India, is likely to be the new name Battlegrounds Mobile India. A poster of this has also been released such as can be seen on social media platforms. This Battlegrounds Mobile in India will be the next version of Pubji, in which many types of maps will be seen. Many types of changes can be seen in the Indian version of this PUBG mobile. pubg mobile india kab

The company has already released a press release that changes will be made in the Indian version game and servers will be installed in India to protect the users. If you too are waiting for this Indian game, Pub Ji Mobile, then keep visiting here continuously. Here the latest updates related to gaming are provided first. pubg mobile india kab  If you want to more study related topic , please click here for more latest updates.

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