Top 5 Upcoming Features of Battlegrounds Mobile India, New 1.5 Update here

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For the first time, a new update is coming to Battlegrounds Mobile India. Where today we will talk about the 5 best features in its new update. How is its game going to be played after the update, will you get experience in it. For complete information about the upcoming update of Battlegrounds Mobile India, definitely read it completely.

Top 5 Upcoming Features of Battlegrounds Mobile India, New 1.5 Update here

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Soon now you are going to get its new 1.5 update in Battlegrounds Mobile India. However, this game has been launched only on Google Play Store for Android devices so far. Let’s talk about which 5 best features are going to be available in its upcoming update …Also read – WhatsApp Mute Video Feature Available : How to use it 

1). New Weapon :::

A brand new weapon can be seen in the upcoming new update of BGMI. There will be a light machine gun which may be named MG3. This will make the game great to a great extent, whose two modes will be quite attractive. This is a powerful gun machine.

2). Sensitivity Settings Costmisation:::

You are going to get one of the best things in Battlegrounds Mobile India 1.5 update. Actually in this you are going to get a big feature of sensitivity settings customization too. In which you will be able to set different sensitivity settings for different types of weapons. Also Read More : How to Viral YouTube Shorts Video (2021) : New YouTube Views Tricks

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3). Healing Throw Feature:::

If we talk about its next features, then in its 1 point 5 update you are also going to get Healing Throw Feature. In this feature, players will be able to throw items like Medkits and first aid kits. Till now only the player could drop it.

4). iPad View ::: Top 5 Upcoming Features of Battlegrounds

Battlegrounds Mobile India 1.5 update is going to get a big feature where the characters of this game will be made even better. Now you will be able to see the player and your characters in a great way with this feature. After the introduction of this feature, you will be able to play your characters in different ways.  Also Read More : Battlegrounds Mobile India Release Date Confirm? PUBG Mobile India latest update

5). Matrix Arena Mode :::

Now you will also be able to see the Matrix Arena mode in the Erangel map in its upcoming update. Where in the new features of Kiss, players will get high quality loot and its pads will also be launched. bgmi latest update

These new 5 features of PUBG India will make the game quite attractive and good looking. However, it is not clear about its update yet, when it will come. But Indian players can expect that soon there can be a big change in the game.

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