Very Bad News for PUBG Players : PUBG New Update

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Recently, PUBG is connected to mobile, another big update is coming out. Where everyone is sitting hoping that PUBG will return to India once again. On the other hand, PUBG has given another bad news to the players. So what is the big update related to Pubg Mobile, definitely read it to know it.

Very Bad News for PUBG Players : PUBG New Update

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If you too want to watch pub live mobile games then like to play, then there is a big news for you. This news is definitely going to break your heart. It has been a long time since PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile lights have been switched off in India, people are hoping that soon Pubg will be UNBAN in India.

But at the moment, one of the biggest updates has come out from Pub Ji. After Pub Zee Mobile was banned in India, an option for the Indian player was the Korean version of Pubg Mobile. Whose apk file was downloaded and it was easily played. pubg mobile unban in india

Very Bad News for PUBG Players

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But you will be very sad to know that from June 30, you will not be able to play Korean version of PUBG Mobile either and will not be able to download it. Yes, another big decision has been taken by Pubg Mobile in which players were able to play it easily by downloading the APK file of Korean version of Pubg Mobile.

But now the Korean version will also not be played from July 1. Release an official statement from the company It has been confirmed that the Korean version of PUBG Mobile will only be for people living in Korea or Japan. pubg latest update 2021

Earlier in the month of September last year, many Chinese apps including PUBG Mobile were banned. But even after being banned, users were able to download the Korean version and play it easily. So now from July 1, you will neither be able to download its APK file nor will you be able to play this Korean version.  Read more – How to change language on Instagram and Facebook

Apart from this, the company has also told that from May 1, 2021, people living outside Korea or Japan will not be able to login to their account in it. It will not be able to be played even after logging in.

The latest updates related to Pabji Mobile continued to visit here continuously for the first time. Here the latest updates related to the games are provided first. pubg latest update 2021

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