WhatsApp launching new Log Out Feature as Facebook

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Hi Reader, If you use WhatsApp then this news is for you. Recently WhatsApp has launched a new privacy policy. Apart from this, we are now going to provide login-logout feature to further strengthen WhatsApp security.

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WhatsApp launching new Log Out Feature as Facebook

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Most of you will be using Facebook and WhatsApp. So far you can login or log out of Facebook. But what if WhatsApp can also be logged in or logged out.

Yes, WhatsApp is about to launch a new feature soon in which the option of logout will appear in WhatsApp. whatsapp update

Actually let us know that the new privacy policy of instant messaging app WhatsApp is being opposed, but still WhatsApp is going to bring another new features.

By the way, this feature was being demanded for a long time and finally now it can be rolled out soon for similar users. Logout will be like Facebook Till now you must have seen that you are logged on WhatsApp all the time, due to which messages are constantly coming on WhatsApp. Because of which anyone can read and view personal messages, videos or photos in your phone. To avoid this problem, WhatsApp will provide a logout option like Facebook, which can be logged in or logged out whenever it wants.

WhatsApp Beta Version Testing

Whatsapp logout beta version start WhatsApp’s new logout feature has started rolling out. Which both Apple and Android users will be able to use this feature. whatsapp update

For its testing, it has been launched in beta version, in which it has been provided to select users. WhatsApp Log Out Feature

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